Controller S.O.S Repair Service



    Availability opening February 1st

    If you are a current customer don’t buy this, go straight to DMs.

    Eventually this service will be reliably available for the community at all times, any profits are being poured into training more technicians, but in the mean time be aware the best practice to 100% ensure your controller is functioning for the big tournament that you’re spending hundreds on travel for, is to get a backup made with the exact same specs. Tennis pros do it, Zain does it, it’s the only real safety net that will keep you gaming at your best through each and every bracket you dive into.
    If you are serious about competing let’s make plans to get you that protective layer of redundancy, even if there’s not immediate availability/budget.
    This S.O.S repair service is intended to fill in the wider gaps and hopefully relieve a lot of controller frustration in the community.

    If your controller is broken and your not sure exactly how, we’ll go through some basic questions as soon as possible after purchase to figure out what repairs you need. It may turn out you can repair it from home, and if so an appropriate portion will be refunded. A final total will be determined and agreed upon once the controller gets inspected at the shop, full payment is due before the controller is shipped back.

    Common Repairs:

    $5 each Potentiometer replacement
    or $27 for a full set of 6 trigger and stickbox potentiometers

    $30 no-reset heartbeat snapback module install

    $5 Updating Phob or Goomwave software

    $15 Grade A Stickbox replacement, other grades go as low as $6

    $15 Cable replacement

    $15 New rubber and resin casted main stick, 20 for New OEM
    or $5 to cast new rubber on to the oldstick
    *this option is important if you have notches with an OEM board
    $5 for c-stick

    $10 to refresh wavedash notches or $30 to refresh a full set of notches
    *If it turns out the notches are already too deep to renew after it arrives here, new faceplates start at $10 for common colors, or free for B grade shells with small visual flaws, and then regular prices for new notches, $50 WD/$120 full. It can be hard to tell just from pictures some times.

    If the board is damaged beyond simple repairs, ie cracked from a fall or a very poorly assembled phob, replacement prices can vary depending on what other mods are applied but generally are:
    $60 for a new OEM with no-reset heartbeat snapback module
    $150 for a new phob 1.2.3 (Phob 2 pending longer term testing atm)
    Goomwave boards aren’t easily replaceable at the moment but complex repairs may be possible at comparable costs.

    Other small mods can be added to the order if you want, but this service is mainly focused on repairs so larger changes might be limited depending on availability.

    The prepaid label and supplies option takes longer overall but is much easier if you aren’t well versed in the shipping process.

    The courtesy controller will be prepared to match your current setup as best as we can in the quick time frame.
    The main priority is matching trigger setups, however more time consuming mods like notches and mouse clicks may not be available at all times.
    Late fees may apply if the courtesy controller’s return shipping label has not updated on the USPS tracker within 14 days of it being delivered to you, up to the full cost of the controller after 90 days.

    Additional information

    Weight1 lbs
    Dimensions8 × 6 × 4 in

    Regular, Expedited, Regular with prepaid label and supplies, Regular with courtesy controller, Expedited with courtesy controller