Factory New T3 Modded Motherboard


Available on backorder


Factory new potentiometers courtesy of FIRES, meaning:
– Longest lasting consistency
– 0 PODE
– Perfect pivots, and precise inputs
– Standard (good) ledgedashes and dash OOC

10/10 tight, lubed stickboxes, can loosen them to preference

No-reset adjustable snapback module

Tactile Z

Swappable paracord header (compatible with any paracords purchased from here)

Possible add ons:
Fresh sticks +$20
Reduced tension slickbox +$20
Custom made paracord +$30
Rumble removed +free
mini HD rumble +$10 (requires hot glue gun to properly install in your shell)

Can be turned into a full build, or many other options, feel free to ask!
This listing is very often on backorder, which typically takes 1-2 weeks to ship. If you want to know exact availability please DM!