Jet Black Phob Commission Slot


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This is your ticket to a fully customized PhobGCC full build.
If you haven’t heard about these before, all the info is open source, you can read more in here, but TL;DR: THESE BOARDS ARE SLICK, they feel so clean and responsive with a much longer and consistent lifespan between repairs.

Possible upgrades:

  • Custom Sticks and Buttons ($30-70)
  • Custom Paracord ($30)
  • Notches ($50-120)
  • Tactile Z ($15)
  • Optimized Trigger Package with your choice of trigger plugs ($15 each side)
  • Mechanical Keyswitch Trigger ($30 each side) (includes optimized trigger package)
  • Mouse click ABXY ($50) (requires custom buttons made)
  • Many more things to match your preference

After purchasing, we’ll contact you within 3 days to get a plan and final price settled – please put your discord or other preferred contact info in the notes, or we’ll default to paypal email. We’ll order any necessary parts, and aim for completion within 4 weeks.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5 × 4 in