OEM Variety Back Shells with Optimized Triggers




Both triggers have about 60% strength, snipped and annealed spring, with added low friction bearing tape, rubber dampeners, o-rings, and lubricant, for a smooth, easy, and quiet trigger press.

Comes with 2 free triggers plugs and a triwing screwdriver. Put in the notes if you’d like them installed and on which side, ie Tall R, short L
Tall trigger plugs take out all the motion, so it’s just the digital button click. This helps with powershields, wavedashes, and has eased hand pain for a lot of people.
Short trigger plugs reduce motion about 50%. This makes finding a lightshield easy, and quickens the whole trigger motion.
I recommend one tall and one short for an optimal setup.

Pads can be perforated free upon request

Shells are used with light signs of wear, nothing that will effect feel – this listing is for multiple shells in roughly same condition and may not match pictures exactly, feel free to DM for specific pictures

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in

Black, Emerald, Indigo, Orange, Silver, White