Send In Request Form



This is a form to submit info for a send in commission. Filling this out or adding it to your cart does not guarantee it will be accepted, but I will get back to you within 2 days.

-If you buy a paracord or backshell, you will be guaranteed a send in ticket, and can use this form to add on other mods.

-You will need to pay for initial shipping and packaging. This is usually about $10 through USPS. I recommend using for the lowest rates.
If you do not have access to a printer, I can mail you a sticker label. I recommend packaging your controller with plenty of bubble wrap in a solid box. It’s significantly cheaper if you keep it below 1 lb. You can also make a USPS pickup request from or and they can come to you and pick up your package contact free.

-There’s a $15 fee that covers return shipping and deep cleaning before and after I work on it (rona free baby).

-For international shipments (outside the US), there’s an additional $5-20 depending on shipping costs

-If you are sending a painted shell done by another CGCC Creator I’ll give you 5% off cause that’s dope and I love to see em c:

-I’m open to trade ins for further discounts if you have old controllers, parts, or miscellaneous interesting trinkets.