Silver Customizable Full Build


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    Silver shells are my absolute favorite to build off of – so many aesthetic options with dyed shells, custom buttons cast in house, a load of functional mods, and a paracord to tie your dream build together.

    Currently Includes The Necessities:
    Brand new T3 stock parts
    A Heartbeat module to eliminate snapback and extend the life of the stickbox’s potentiometers or tune pode how just you like. (No reset needed on plugin)
    UCF Shield drop notches

    Possible Upgrades:
    $70 Upgrade to Phob 2 motherboard
    $40 Custom bald ABXY buttons, up to $80 for a full set with triggers, sticks, dpad, start and Z
    $50 Max Wavedash notches or $120 for Full recovery angle notches
    $15 Slickbox upgrade in 4 possible strengths
    $15 Tactile Z
    $25 Mouse click Z
    $10 Mini HD rumble
    $20 Digital Trigger rewire for Ultimate
    $15 Optimized trigger feel improvement package
    + $15 Mechanical keyswitch or mouseclick switch trigger   (all trigger mods are priced per one side)
    $30 ABXY Button stabilization
    $30+ Custom paracord
    $20+ Dye the shell

    The base cost of the controller is $110, the listed price is $200, and the $90 difference is put towards mods. If you go over $200, we will invoice the remainder.

    Add any upgrades you want in the checkout notes and we’ll get back to you within 3 days to finalize a plan.
    If you want to use the paypal pay in 4 option for the full cost of the build, contact us before checkout and we can adjust the listing. Can offer discounts for using zelle, dm for checkout 🙂

    I highly recommend overclocking your adapter and only using the 4 port mayflash or official nintendo for the best experience.

    Shell has small scuffs on left handle and back.


    Additional information

    Weight1 lbs
    Dimensions7 × 5 × 4 in