Swappable Replacement OEM Cable



If you or a loved one have been effected by cable problems, there is hope. Please verify you have a detachable cable header, and which type it is before ordering. If you’re unsure feel free to reach out and ask.

FIRES is the standard if you’ve purchased from here. It is white and has a thumb tab in the center.

Goomwaves’ headers are also white, but without the thumb tab. Some goomwaves use the black legacy header.

Legacy headers are black, with no thumb tab. If yours are installed backwards compared to the pictured example please put that in the order notes.

If you do not have detachable headers but still want a replacement, it’ll require soldering. Consider sending it in or finding a local modder to help you out.

Custom Paracord can be added, but will add to turnaround time depending on supply.

This listing can be backordered, expected lead time is within 2 weeks if so, but reach out to check for sure or if you want a specific cable color.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 5 × 4 in
Cable Type

3m White, 3m Black, 2m Silver, 2m Clear

Header Type

FIRES, Goomwave, Legacy, Other/Unknown

Add Paracord

Yes, No